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Leaf-cutting Artist Omid Asadi was born in Iran and now lives in Sale, Greater Manchester, England where he gathers fallen leaves and uses a craft knife and needle to transform them into exquisitely beautiful and expressive works of art. He even recreated The Scream by Edvard Munch on a leaf.

"Art for me is the way of looking differently to this world and around myself.I started to think why nobody paid attention to these beautiful leaves and trod on them, because of their name - if they were called flowers we wouldn’t tread on them at all! I wanted to give the leaves another Life and make art from them."

Visit Omid Asadi’s website and Facebook page to check out more of his hand-cut leaves. You can also follow him here on Tumblr at omidasadi.

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Now that is art.


We’ve just learned about another talented artist who uses the humble disposable coffee cup as their canvas. Jimmy T. enhances his morning coffee cups with striking pop culture-inspired drawings and then leaves them behind for other people to discover. Brightening the days of random strangers with unexpected and thoroughly marvelous artwork is awesome.

You can follow Jimmy’s ongoing series of geektastically illustrated coffee cups right here on Tumblr at morningcoffeecupart or on the Morning Coffee Cup Art on Facebook page

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Morning people have too much energy, but they do make some cool art.

My heart is damaged,
And I can’t tell you,
The mechanism is fractured,
It’s function lost,
A myriad of parts available,
If I could just speak,
Ask for assistance,
In patching this fractured piece,
But the gears and wires aren’t working,
No pulleys or vibrations,
The sound emitting device is blocked,
Jammed by overwhelming fear,
Leaking fluids from the ducts,
My thoughts like smoke,
Within the metal dome,
Shutting down,
Disengaging from the whole,
Soon to be discarded,
Another model will come along,
And I will be forgotten,
A relic from another life,
Unwanted, unloved,
I am broken,
Help me.
By Dorri Kay
My roommate, writing and sharing.








How ya doin’? I’m Brody.

omg where is this from

(Better Off Ted)

Yo that’s some black-Asian solidarity for ya.


Oh also is there anyone who can take that last gif and make it one of those “WHITE PEOPLE” gifs??????? PLEASE????

Don’t know if anyone else has done it already but here’s my contribution!



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